Spectrum Earrings


Add a touch of colour to any outfit with this quirky pair of diamond shaped dangly earrings. Handmade with factory rejected watercolour Derwent pencils. The hexagonal shape of these pencils create a beautiful honeycomb pattern whilst the brightness and intensity of the colour leads is shown as a beatiful spotty rainbow gradation.

The pencil rhombus shape is mounted on a handmade sterling silver hook. It hangs from the earlobe and it moves gently due to its light weight.

Drop lenght: 10mm aprox.
Overall lenght: 40mm aprox.

We take the rejected pencils from the factory and combine them together to make colourful blocks that we cut and shape by hand, creating an unique and individual piece. We finish them with a matt lacquer that provides a waterproof coating as well as making them super soft to touch.