`queen of pencil hearts´ knitting needle ring


One off statement ring made using recycled colouring pencils on a walnut and oak wood backing. Handshaped into a colourful wooden heart and mounted on an adjustable upcycled knitting needle ring shank.

Heart shape size: r&b 40mm x 35mm aprox.
y&p 45mm x 35mm aprox.

Ring shank size: adjustable - fits any size.

We take the rejected pencils from the factory and combine them together to make colourful blocks that we cut and shape by hand to make this unique item. Shaped and sanded to a super smooth finish and matt lacquered to provide a waterproof layer to the piece and to show off the amazing colour leads of the pencils.

Being `Derwent´ factory rejected pencils from their Artist range, the quality of the pigment (intensity of colour), as well as its size ( a whopping 4mm!), makes it very eyecatching. Also, lightweight for its size due to the wood use in the making of the pencils.

Presented in a stylish gift cotton bag explaining the recycled nature of the piece..

Ready to ship.

Please note that postage is FREE to anywhere in the world!